Anal Fissure

An anal fissure is a small tear that occurs right at the skin edge just before entrance into the anus. Tears may extend into anal canal may require surgical management.


It can occur from irregular bowel habits. Constipation or straining. Hard or large bowel movements. Sometimes it occurs in a location around the anus that is hard for it to heal. Certain conditions can also predispose patients to anal fissure. Childbirth, and Chron’s disease (inflammatory bowel disease) can increase the stress caused to the anal area and make it increasingly vulnerable to tearing.


Pain…pain…pain. Usually pain occurs during and after bowel movements. The pain is described as sharp, tearing, and sometimes knife-like pain. There is also associated rectal bleeding noted.


“Sitz baths” to be done 2-3 times daily, helps with healing for some. Other alternatives is numbing topical cream( “hemorrhoidal cream) that is over the counter, such as steroid/lidocaine cream. Stool softeners, and laxatives to keep the bowel movements soft.

When should someone seek help from colorectal surgeon?

If the symptoms do not resolve after 2-3 weeks of above treatment then you should see us for other treatment options. There is non-surgical option with topical treatment and if that does not work then you may need surgical treatment which is relatively simple.